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Welcome to the affiliates page for Explosive List Profits.

My name is Mike Webb and I have produced a package which blows all other List Marketing sites out of the water: Explosive List Profits .

With the help of a seasoned, highly converting copywriter, we have created a sales letter than converts at 1:15 on targeted PPC and email traffic.

Even better, we've really upped the ante with the product, as the manual is superb value and comprehensive, and the backend OTO (One Time Offer) is where the affiliates can make even more money, with a $21 commission.

Please register here to get all of the latest affiliate resources, and the hottest converting methods... and yes, they are all FREE...


Here is Why You Want to Start Promoting Explosive List Profits Right Now...


  Weve got a professionally written sales page that converts (just look at the copy and the world class graphics) - yes, it will turn your visitors into affiliate cash!


  Weve built in an exit pop to capture lost sales for YOU, so we work your traffic hard, and hit them with the right triggers to maximise your affiliate return!


  Weve also built in a one-time offer that every new member will see. Its another product that perfectly complements the front-end "Explosive List Profits" manual, and from our booming conversion figures, people don't turn this down lightly. We stack on the value, so you will get paid even more money!


  Weve also included a back-end offer that youll get paid for as well. Can you see how the income potential is multiplying?
  Front-end, exit pop, OTO, back-end offer... its all in there, and you get paid on ALL of them!

  And well give you professional affiliate training and resources to make promoting this completely painless (so watch out for our Affiliate Training Newsletters headed your way!).


If that's not enough, here is a little more information for you...


Product & Sales Copy:

The Explosive List Profits manual contains every single piece of vital information required to get that flawless skin that you are after.

The Explosive List Profits manual is rock solid, which means one important thing for our affiliates. Our members are always satisfied, which is why refunds are always super low.

Explosive List Profits also has an upsell, a $29 package, which will be sold on the thank-you page to all buyers. The conversions are over 50%!

Price: $47.00, paying 75% commission via ClickBank.

Upsell: $29, paying 75% commission via ClickBank.

Average Affiliate Pay-out:

Up to $33 for every New Explosive List Profits Member!


$21 for every VIP Explosive List Profits Member.


The Affiliate Resources:

Want to grab your affiliate hoplink?

Simply register your details below, and you'll have your hands on the superb Explosive List Profits affiliate links and tools straight away...




You'll also receive proven Pay Per Click keywords and access to a series of email promos you can send to your opt-in lists or edit to add to your websites and blogs.

Our Affiliate program is processed through PayDotCom. 

Once you sign up for our program you will be directed to our resources and go to PayDotCom to get your own affiliate link that you can put on your website to sell the Explosive List Profits system.

If you have a question please feel free to contact me here and I'll get back to you straight away.

We look forward to working with you and making you a a lot of commissions from promoting this product to a buyer-hungry marketplace.

To your success!

Mike Webb 



Affiliate FAQ >>

How much does the current top affiliate make?
We would like to keep this type of information private so please do not ask.
Do the top affiliate's use PPC?
Yes. Mainly Google but also Yahoo and MSN
Do you support conversion tracking?
What is the conversion rate?
This varies a lot due to different traffic sources. The AVERAGE conversion rate from PPC search traffic is 1:30. Some affiliates have a conversion rate of 1:10 where as others have a rate of 1:60.
Do you have a list of high converting keywords?
Please see the keywords at the top of this page. I am not going to give out exact keywords lists because that will then increase the bidding price of some keywords and make them less profitable for affiliates. Please expand the top level keywords above.
Why does Google show more conversions thank Clickbank?

When using the Google conversions code on the thank you page you may notice that Google shows more conversion than Clickbank does. Many affiliates think this is a Clickbank problem but its not!

So if you plan to use your google conversion ID in your affiliate link, or if you already are and you notice more Google conversions than clickbank conversions, this is what's happening:

A Visitor clicks on your google ad, then decides to click the back button to research the product a little more. They then decided to purchase but this time it is from another affiliates link.

Google will still record this as a sales for you because your ad was clicked. Google does not know that the visitor clicked on another affiliate link.

Its best to think of google conversions as either sale assists or sales.

What country are most sales from?
Most sales are from the USA. Other converting countries are CA, UK, AUS.
What product is selling in the back end?
We sell a package of **describe product here**
Can I use parts of your website in my website or video?
Yes, you have permission to positively promote Explosive List Profits as a Clickbank affiliate by using parts of our website.
How much affiliate support can you offer me?
I can offer as much support as possible. I try to respond to all email enquiries within 24 hours.
Would you like to do a JV?
Please send me as much information as possible so I can make my decision on your offer.





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